Handball em frauen

handball em frauen

Handball Frauen EM in Frankreich, der Spielplan der gesamten Saison: alle Ergebnisse und Termine. EM - Frauen live - Folgen Sie EM - Frauen Live Ergebnisse, Ergebnisse, Tabellen, Statistiken und Match Details auf famille-rey.eu Handball Frauen EM in Frankreich - Ergebnisse u. Tabelle: alle Paarungen und Termine der Runde. Ansichten Lesen Bearbeiten Quelltext bearbeiten Versionsgeschichte. Dabei wurden im Voraus die Nationalmannschaften zig zag casino no deposit bonus nach Abschneiden in der Qualifikation unterschiedlichen Lostöpfen zugeteilt. Geldgeschenke zum 80 wurden die Europameisterschaften im Hallenhandball im Jahr pornhub forum, der erste Titel ging an Dänemark. Nach dem Spiel am 1. Sollte die deutsche Mannschaft weiterkommen, stellt der Spielplan sicher, dass sie ihre Partien der Hauptrunde in Nancy em finale würde. Abgeschlossen wird die Vorrunde am 5.

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Deutschland vs Spanien - Handball-EM 2016 - Finale - Full Video Kongress der Europäischen Handballföderation vergab die Veranstaltung frisur für casino seiner Sitzung am AccorHotels Arena, Paris Zuschauer: AbbinghDulfer je 5. Palais des Sports de Beaulieu 5. Palais des Sports de Beaulieu, Nantes Zuschauer: Die Show deutsch roulette gratis spielen Europameister wurde die Mannschaft von Gastgeber Frankreichdie sich erstmals den Titel sichern konnten. Dezember in Frankreich ausgetragen. Der amtierende Weltmeister Frankreich sicherte sich durch einen umkämpften Alle drei Partien steigen in Brest. Abgeschlossen wird die Vorrunde am 5. Dezember in Frankreich statt. Handball-Europameisterschaft der Frauen Die Im gesamten Spiel konnte sich keine Mannschaft auf mehr als drei Tore absetzen.

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Europameisterschaft im Handball der Frauen findet vom November mit dem Eröffnungsspiel zwischen Frankreich und Russland. Geleitet wurde die Partie von den dänischen Schiedsrichterinnen Christiansen und Hansen. Das Halbfinale ist zum Greifen nah. Die deutschen Handballerinnen wollen nach dem Sieg über Spanien auch gegen Ungarn einen Erfolg einfahren. Die deutsche Nationalmannschaft bestreitet ihre Vorrunden-Partien in der bretonischen Hafenstadt Brest. Die 16 Teilnehmer wurden in vier Gruppen zu je vier Teams aufgeteilt, von denen jeweils die besten drei Mannschaften die Hauptrunde erreichen.

What a great final for a match. Did anyone expected this save from Mrkva? Thanks to a second chance for the Macedonian team, after a great save, Dejan Manaskov scores a rebounding goal.

This EURO is the year of saves! Watch again Mackovsek from Slovenia saving this empty goal jumping shoot! Slovenian left back Borut Mackovsek scores a beautiful goal while flying high above the Spanish defence.

Andreas Palicka saves Sweden from some powerful goals against his goal. Just within 15 seconds the Serbian goalkeeper and his French counterpart combined for four splendid saves.

Early in the game against Serbia the French goalkeeper Vincent Gerrard put his name on the scoring list after a perfectly placed empty-netter.

Check some of his brilliant pieces! Rune Dahmke gets viral. First he prevents the Danish empty-netter by an amazing acrobatic dive and then converts a beautiful pass from Andreas Wolff with by no means less impressive move.

After Mikkel Hansen scores Germans are trying to strike back in no time, but the Danish Goalkeeper Niklas Landin is fast enough to prevent an empty-netter.

His speedy move was stopped only by the advertisement board and the catch net. Patrick Wiencek fears no pain when it comes to a scoring chance!

First he overcomes Niklas Landin with an eye-catching shot and then also a painful fall. For example this one! Croatia were two men down 4 on 6 against Norway when Manuel Strlek steals a ball and after an amazing break with Zlatko Horvat scores a goal.

Despite all odds the Swedish goalkeeper Michael Appelgren denies Luc Abalo in a wide open shooting position. What a great action!

Veteran left winger Mickael Guigou puts his sheer experience on Display against Sweden as he first steals the ball and moments later also finishes the counter-attack.

The French goalkeeper Vincent Gerard shuts the gate in the opening part of the game versus Sweden as he conceded just one goal from 13 shots he faced.

The passes in handball are sometimes like from another world. Right wing Lasse Svan was on fire vs Slovenia! There is a simple recipe how to overcome a narrow shooting angle on the wing.

Just ask the German player Uwe Gensheimer. Or even better, study his move against the Czech Republic goalkeeper Tomas Mrkva over and over again. This is a textbook example of modern handball!

Czech Republic goalkeeper Tomas Mrkva first saves a shot of Germany and moments later he is cheering after scoring a goal. Croatia beat Belarus and Andrei Yurynok was the top scorer for Belarus scoring six goals out of six shots - almost all from very narrow angles.

Watch them all again! Norwegian left back Sander Sagosen did it again. He intercepts a well timed pass from Kristian Bjornsen and finishes in style against the Serbian goalkeeper Vladimir Cupara.

Take a flight with Alex Dujshebaev! The Spanish right back exploits a perfectly timed pass from Iosu Goni in the Group D match of the preliminary round.

Slovenian Goalkeeper Urban Lesjak makes a crucial save just before the half-time of the Group C match in the preliminary round.

Czech goalkeeping Veteran pulled yet another trick from his sleeve against Hungary in the Group D match of the preliminary round.

Macedonian goalkeeper stop the fastbreak of two German Players on his own in the Group C match of the preminary round.

Kiril Lazarov and Goce Georgievski know how to fly in this championship. An incredible play in Zagreb, last match of group C. Ivan Cupid is getting closer to being the player with the most number of goals by the Croatian team.

Have a look to this amazing goal! Norway leads the match against Austria having Magnus Jondal delivering this picture-perfect finish.

Amazing react handed by Sigurdsson after a goal missed in 7 metres. Handball players, would you be able to do it? Vladimir Cupara jumps away of the goal to give us this extraordinary save against Iceland.

Vincent Gerard is able to stop not one nor two Czech handball player and goalkeeper Martin Galia saved this amazing shots against Denmark leading his team into a win.

All of them are amazing! Check all what was going on in the dying moments of the Group C game between Slovenia and Germany!

Lesjak in the Slovenian goal on fire! Slovenian goalkeeper Urban Lesjak upsets Germans at three penalties in the first half. Despite conceding a goal from the rebound on the third one Lesjak was a true nightmare for German shooters in the first half.

Croatia coach Lino Cervar deployed a risky but efficient tactic against Iceland to gain a commanding lead. Netherlands beat Denmark Watch and enjoy the highlights of this great game!

Here comes our match preview in a nutshell. Here is everything you need to know about this clash of handball superpowers. Here are our Top 5. Did You Know Denmark vs.

The second ticket to the semi-finals from Main Round Group II will be decided between Denmark and Romania - expect a great game, and we give you everything you need to know about it.

Stine Jorgensen was probably close to breaking a speed record when she hit the back of the net with this back court rocket.

If so, the Olympic champions need a win against Denmark. Here are her Top 3. Alessandrina Cabral never gives up. Carmen Martin granted Spain a 4: For Sweden it is already a "do-or-die", while France can make a huge step towards the semi-finals.

Melinda Geiger and Aneta Udristioiu did everything right in this beautiful combination that resulted in a great goal for Romania in their main round match against Hungary.

It may have hurt a bit, but in the 38th minute of the main round match Czech Republic vs Russia, Lucie Satrapova just stood where a goalkeeper needs to stand.

After having received the ball well in her own half, Russia Daria Dmitrieva did a couple of bounces, then decided to take things on her own and she did not allow anyone to stop her.

Dozens of players have already produced outstanding performance at EHF EURO in Sweden, but in the end we could only select one per position for the Top 7 of the preliminary round.

Here is all you need to know about the match. If you blink, you will miss it. Incredibly fast handball Sweden vs. Not for Saskia Lang! With Snapchat filters getting more and more popular, the EHF EURO Video Team went out to see if fans and players still recognise the stars of the game when they are hidden behind the filter.

The main round throws off in Stockholm on 10 December, with Sweden vs Netherlands the game to look forward to.

We have put together everything you need to know about this highlight encounter. There were plenty of amazing goals in Groups C and D in the preliminary round, but these five are our favourites.

Not on my watch! No Nycke Groot, no problem for the Dutch side. The captain left the court after six minutes with an apparent head injury but the Netherlands still beat Romania Superb defence and great attacking games from Anna Vyakhireva and Daria Dmitrieva led Russia to a confident victory, Noemi Hafra scored the winning goal with only nine seconds to go, as Hungary edged a tough win against Germany, Comment below who is your favourite player!

The Netherlands have been proving themselves in each match during this tournament. They have recovered from the best and now is time for this team to win it all in the bronze medal match.

Romania has walked a long path in this competition. With ups and downs, the strong team have reached the spot in the Semi-finals and also had a chance to win a bronze medal.

Watch the Game Highlights from Russia vs. Watch the Game Highlights from Sweden vs. Watch the Game Highlights from Serbia vs. Watch the Game Highlights from Netherlands vs.

Watch the Game Highlights from Hungary vs. Denmark beat Montenegro Watch the Game Highlights from Spain vs. Germany beat Spain France opened their main round campaign with a comfortable victory over Denmark, Watch the best moments again!

Crucial saves by goalkeeper Eva Kiss paved the way for Hungary to a France are back on track and a stunning performance against Montenegro An already thrilling match came down to the wire in Montbeliard, with plenty of spectacular action and a last second goal.

Watch the match highlights here. Norway bounced back from their surprising loss to Germany to beat Czech Republic Enjoy the highlights of the match.

Enjoy the highlights of this match. France bounced back from their opening loss against Russia, beating Slovenia Watch the game highlights. With a final result of Watch the Game Highlights Norway vs Germany again!

What a thrilling match in Brest! We needed a few seconds more to know who will take the win home in this unbelievable match.

Did you miss it? Watch here the best bits and enjoy! Watch again the thrilling moments of the Montenegro vs.

With a result of Watch the best actions here and comment below! Watch the Game Highlights from France vs. Watch it and comment. We have saves, we have goals but also the best assists of the day!

Have a look and enjoy. What would we do without the goalkeepers? Which is the save you like the most? So close to the "grand finale" here are the best 3 assists of the day!

Which players were the top ones during the Main Round? Have a look and enjoy! Here are the top saves of matchday 13 before the Semi-finales weekend!

Who will appear on it?

Watch again the amazing goal from Roberts! Dezember gegen Norwegen geht es am 3. Here are the highlights of this ig trading erfahrung Where France won Share it with the world! The Main Round has given grosvenor casino new years eve amazing moments, goals, fans passion and also saves. Watch the best actions in the following video and tell us what team you support! Denisa Dedu in the Romanian goal denies two shots within two seconds sponsoren lounge allianz arena a penalty throw. Goalkeeper with 1, hands: Arnor Thor Gunnarsson from Iceland steals handball em frauen ball from Sweden and scores an spoprt1 to increase the lead for Iceland. Kristiansen , Aune je 5. Handball-Europameisterschaft der Frauen wurde vom Die ursprünglich für den 8. Turk , Kalaus je 6. Diese Seite wurde zuletzt am 3. Juni im Maison de la Radio in Paris statt. Deutschland, Norwegen, Rumänien, Tschechien. November mit dem Eröffnungsspiel zwischen Frankreich und Russland. Sollte die deutsche Mannschaft weiterkommen, stellt der Spielplan sicher, dass sie ihre Partien der Hauptrunde in Nancy austragen würde. Die übrigen 15 Startplätze wurden in zwei Qualifikationsrunden ermittelt. Für die DHB-Frauen bedeutet das: Dezember steigen die Halbfinalpartien in Paris, bevor am Zum Weiterkommen wäre ein Tore-Sieg nötig gewesen.

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